Restaurant Awards

The World's 50 Best Restaurant Awards

Tamsin is the Academy Chair for the region Africa & Indian Ocean Islands and is responsible for recruiting and heading up a team of 40 voters who reside within her region who eat out globally. Each of these voters are armed with 10 votes annually and get to nominate their 10 best restaurants they have dined at worldwide. These votes go into a melting pot along with all the other 25 regionals around the world that in turn, decipher the 50 best restaurants on the planet. The Awards are held in a different country every years. Originally the Awards were held in London but have now taken a global hot troll to New York, Melbourne, Bilboa (Spain), Singapore and will take place in Antwerp (Belgium) in 2020.


American Express Dining Awards

The American Express Platinum Fine Dining Awards were started in 1999 by Victor Strugo and Lannice Snyman and celebrates top end fine dining restaurants throughout South Africa. Tamsin worked alongside Victor and Lannice for 18 years and took the reins from Victor when he stepped down in 2013 and headed up the judging process of these awards along with the help of her two regional Judges, Anna Trapido (Gauteng) and Jackie Cameron (KZN) until 2018. Every year, one hundred of the finest restaurants in South Africa are selected for this prestigious list and Awards Programme. Tamsin, Anna and Jackie stepped down from these Awards in 2018.


12forward by The White Guide

Tamsin is one of the global contributors for 12forward and represents the city of Cape Town. This exceptional digital guide leads you to the world's truly "food-forward" restaurants across the globe, the must-visit places for any passionate "gastromad". 12forward can be downloaded from the iPhone App Store. The listings are limited to 12 eateries in each city, when a new trailblazer enters the stage, an older one is knocked off. In Cape Town, the restaurants are led by The Test Kitchen, widely recognised as the African continent's best kitchen thanks to the extraordinary talent of chef Luke Dale-Roberts. Thanks to the curating expertise of 12forward's consultant editor Tamsin Snyman, this city collection doesn't miss the culinary genius of cutting edge, hit and happening restaurants that make their way onto this constantly-evolving list. Make a digital trip with 12forward and the world can discover just how exciting South African cuisine is.


World of Mouth

The world's most reliable restaurant guide for passionate foodies. World of Mouth is a mobile app with all the features you could wish for finding a great restaurant. In the app you can create your own restaurants guide and follow old and new friends. Share your eating experiences with them and swipe the restaurants you'd like to visit to your personal wishlist. This is an invitation only community based on expert knowledge in restaurants. The content is created by this closed global community of which Tamsin Snyman is a selected contributor. Anyone can apply for membership in the World of Mouth. There are no sponsors and no advertising on the app.


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