Fresh & Healthy: Step by Step to Life

AUTHOR: Annette Kesler
PHOTOGRAPHER: Franz Lauinger
PUBLICATION: September 2004
SIZE: 250 mm X 210 mm. 144 pages
SPECS : Limp cover. Full colour
ISBN 0-620-32300-0
Excludes packaging and postage/courier

A new cookbook by Annette Kesler is always reason to celebrate, and when the book has the backing of the Heart Foundation, with every recipe approved as part of their eating plan, things become even more interesting.

Following Annette’s best-selling Learn To Cook (Human & Rousseau) and incorporating the newest recipe creations from this well-loved, award-winning author and editor of South Africa’s premier food and travel website --- --- cooking “Step by Step” has never tasted better. Nor looked so good, thanks to photographs by esteemed photographer Franz Lauinger. En route to cooking up the delicious dishes, kitchen wizards are guided by detailed pics and explicit instructions.

Tracking the very latest healthy eating options and sound menu planning for the whole family, the aims of FRESH & HEALTHY – Step by Step to life – are a clearly defined, offering a sustainable blueprint. One that embraces words such as “simple”, “fresh”, “substantial” and, of course, “utterly delicious” and “healthy”. The book is a timely publication, as South Africans are searching for ways of living (and eating) in a more healthy way.

“Recipes are the practical tools that we need for our day to day pattern of eating.” Says Annette. “Cooking is an admirable skill and I would like to encourage you to see it the same way. In FRESH & HEALTHY – Step-by-Step to Life – we are committed to build and underline a firm dedication to a way of eating that is not necessarily of the moment, but one that will ensure an enduring quality of life for you and your family.”

“Clear and simple text provides essential know how, with vital hints and tips to develop and perfect talents in the kitchen. After all, food remains one of the great pleasures of life, nourishing, revitalising and prolonging it is our core source of sustenance.”

Rounding out the message, each recipe has been analyzed by the Heart Foundation, and per serving indications are given for energy, fat, cholesterol, carbohydrate and fibre content. Heart-health topics also have space in the book, from exercise to medication; cholesterol management to understanding stress.

The Essence of a Salad
Soups from the Market Garden
The Lure of Vegetables
Serious Mains
From the Sea to the Plate
Ample Pasta
A Touch of Sweetness

Good Stress & Bad Stress
Exercise for a Healthy Heart
Blood Pressure
Heart attacks
Women & Heart Health
Facts about Fats
Healthy Habits From Young
Alcohol & Your Heart
Obesity & Heart Health
Smoking & Your Heart
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