Tortoises & Tumbleweeds

ISBN: 978-0-620-41993-2
Authors: Lannice Snyman
Designer: PetalDesign
Cover: Matthew Ibbotson at PetalDesign
Food photographer: Warren Heath
Stylist: Tamsin Snyman
Pre-Press Production: Resolution Colour, Cape Town
Printing: Tien Wah Press, Singapore
Details: 260mm x 240mm Portrait. 244 pages. Full colour. Hard cover with dust jacket.
Photographs: 225 in full colour
First Edition: 2008
Excludes packaging and postage/courier

A kaleidoscope of colours, creeds and social backgrounds makes up the South African nation, creating a complex society and a patchwork of lifestyles and food styles. Our unique culinary, cultural and human history means that some recipes are based in tradition while others are freely filched from neighbouring countries and the Indian Ocean Islands.

Dishes that define the South African table – rustic and refined, wholesome and hearty, simple and spicy – are inspired by early cookbooks as well as folk who opened their hearts, homes and huts to Lannice on her journeys of research over many years, trips that introduced her to a broad spectrum of cooks, bridged all culinary divides and enthralled and enriched her. In Tortoises & Tumbleweeds, Lannice puts it all into the melting potjie, flavours it artfully and imbues each page with a personal stamp of finesse.

Some recipes are true to their origins; others reflect a fusion of flavours; many are rooted in the mists of time. All are personal favourites that have been updated for the modern kitchen. Happily, none include tortoises, which are protected now and no longer simmered into soup.

About the Author
The late, great food guru Lannice Snyman was one of the most highly respected, versatile and prolific of South Africa’s contemporary food writers and restaurant critics. She was lauded for not only documenting her country’s cuisine, but also for making it accessible, and notched up several national and international awards, including a Lifetime Achievement Award for her contribution to the local culinary scene. Tortoises & Tumbleweeds, her sixteenth book, joins an illustrious list of titles spanning thirty years.

Lannice was the resident food expert on the website, a judge for Diners Club Wine List Awards and the Galliova Awards for food-writers, and a consultant for the American Express Platinum Fine Dining Programme. She was Regional Chairman for southern Africa for London-based World’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards. For this she traveled to global culinary hot spots to check out high-end eateries as well as to track international culinary and publishing trends. Her niche, family-run company, Tamsin Snyman Publishers, now owned by her daughter Tamsin, specializes in cookery books and contract publishing.

About the Stylist
Tamsin Snyman initially worked for her mother, Lannice’s publishing company as Special Projects Manager, handling most of the styling required for the company. In addition, she ran her own business, Bay Gourmet, specializing in high-end catering for exclusive clients. Tamsin also does styling for TV commercials and magazines and consults to the restaurant industry. She works closely with GOLD Restaurant in the heart of Cape Town for whom she devised traditional African dishes for their nightly feast. Dishes represent the spectrum of South Africa’s “rainbow nation” including Black, Indian, Cape-Malay and Dutch.

About the Designer
Petal Palmer’s Cape Town design agency, PetalDesign, specialises in print media and has produced a string of award-winning publications. Their portfolio includes books and magazines across the food, lifestyle, decor, design, natural history and non-fiction genres.

People of SA
People of SA
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Grinding Roasted Masala
Leg of Lamb with Lavender
Leg of Lamb with Lavender
Kyla`s Pickled Fish
Kyla`s Pickled Fish
Putupap Maize Rice and Mabele Pap
Putupap Maize Rice and Mabele Pap

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