Fruit Art

ISBN: 0-620-36100-X
ISBN: 0-620-36104-2
Authors: Lannice Snyman & Malcolm Dare
Specs: 240mm square. 176 pages.150 full-colour photographs. Hard cover; dust jacket.
Design & Styling: Brita du Plessis
First Edition: 2006
PRICE: R215.00 (excl packaging and postage/courier)

FROM THE AUTHOR (the late Lannice Snyman)
In the grand scheme of things, fruit is pivotal to health and happiness and, as a result, creates harmony in the home and world peace. Alright, that may be stretching things a bit, but you get my drift.

Fruit’s first claim to fame was as an object of seduction. And nothing much has changed since Eve tempted Adam with that apple. Just as I was seduced by Malcolm Dare’s extraordinary collection of fruit-with-the-female-form photographs which triggered this unique book.

Like life, the book seems to have happened while we were doing something else, as we opted for a freestyle approach to the project and didn’t box ourselves in with deadlines and time schedules.

We pleased ourselves first and foremost and, accordingly, hope to please our readers. The result is an inspired melding of creativity, where freshness and immediacy are given full reign.

Fruit Art promises to raise eyebrows, satisfy the senses, and thrill everyone who adores beautiful books, sexy recipes, photographs that push the creativity envelope, and edgy styling. It’s a must-have item if you love cooking (but don’t have too much time to spend doing it) or for a gift for a special friend. Either way, it’s a book that deserves to be treasured.

When deciding on which fruit to select for Fruit Art, we chose the obvious varieties, ones that add a little sweetness to our menus and are happy in dishes both sweet and savoury. The recipes will see you from breakfast, through tea time, soups, salads and an array of main dishes that feature seafood, chicken, pork, lamb and beef. Not to mention a clutch of delish desserts and other after-dinner delectations.

Luscious fruit begs to be eaten fresh and fast – at the peak of ripeness and without overmuch tampering by the cook. Our recipes aim to fulfill these principles: nothing too time-consuming, plates that are not over-presented, and ingredients lists that err on the side of brevity. Most importantly, the recipes respect good ingredients and their relationship with each other, and are mindful of the limited time we have to spend in the kitchen.

Lannice was the author of 15 books, of which some 400 000 copies have been sold. Her family cookbook Posh Nosh, was voted Best Book for Entertaining (English) and winner of the coveted Jury’s Honourable Mention for Publishing Excellence in the 2005 Gourmand World Cookbook of the Year Awards. These “Oscars” of the world of cookbooks attracted 6000 entries from 63 countries, and aims to honour those who “cook with words”.

About the Photographer
Malcolm Dare has worked as a professional photographer in Cape Town since 1990, taking time out for two years in the Netherlands where he gained international experience. After shooting film for many years, he progressed to the digital medium in 1996, and has since become a leading authority on the digital workflow process. He hosts industry workshops, lectures to international forums and has originated superlative print and packaging solutions for a wide spectrum of clients ranging from stills and people to food. He has photographed four books; Fruit Art was his first as co-author.

About the Designer
Brita du Plessis Studied graphic design and worked in the advertising and design industry for 15 years before making the leap to her real love: food. She has worked with Malcolm Dare since 1991. As both designer and food stylist of Fruit Art, she designed the pages as the recipes were photographed, allowing space for the text and ending up with perfect crops. Thanks to digital technology, she always knew instantly whether or not they had 'the shot'.

Chocolate Chilli Shots
Chocolate Chilli Shots
Pawpaw, Pear and Avocado with Blue Cheese Dressing
Pawpaw, Pear and Avocado with Blue Cheese Dressing

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