Posh Nosh: Fabulous Food for Family & Friends

Author: Lannice Snyman
ISBN 0-620-32302-7
Excludes packaging and postage/courier
WINE NOTES : Dave Swingler
DETAILS : 290mm x 230mm.192 pages.150 full-colour photographs. Hard cover; dust jacket; matt lamination; foiling.
DESIGN : Petal Palmer
STYLING : Tamsin Snyman

Thanks to inquisitive taste buds and many years as a professional food writer and restaurant critic, Lannice adores the element of surprise in a dish, and there are many in the 88 recipes in Posh Nosh, all lusciously photographed by top lensman Neil Corder. The book is inspired by her travels throughout southern Africa and to far-flung parts of the globe but, as food is as much about heritage as it is about taste, family roots and flavours inevitably shine through. All recipes have ‘make ahead’ instructions and wine matching notes by wine fundi, Dave Swingler. Posh Nosh has been selected for Exclusive Books for Publishers Choice 2005, a stamp of approval awarded to 47 books and only three cookbooks!

I’m pondering the demise of the twee little dinner party of calories gone by and shedding not a single salty tear at its passing. Not that I’m pole-axed with joy about what has taken its place: a barbecue ('Come around and bring something to put on the coals') or a restaurant down the road ('We're booked for 7.30; don't forget your credit card'). Not that I have anything against either barbecues or restaurants (a sizeable chunk of my life is spent at one or the other), but I feel short-changed in the emotional stakes. Canapйs with cocktails, a magnificently set table, several wine-matched courses plus Irish coffees afterwards may be pretentious (and unnecessarily complex) but I adore the fact that someone cares sufficiently about my company to seek it out and put together a memorable occasion. Being strapped for both cash and time has brought about a whole new wave of home entertaining that makes Going the Whole Hog as dated as Beef Wellington and Stuffed Mushrooms. Which is a very good thing – the best meals are often the simplest. My kitchen is not traditionally South African, influenced as it has been by travels through Africa and to far-flung parts of the globe. But food is as much about heritage as it is about taste, so family roots and childhood tastes inevitably shine through. My favourite recipes give preconceptions the short shrift they deserve. I adore the element of surprise in a dish, and there are many in this book. You’ll find a seamless merging of down-home, real food with multi-faceted recipes that are no longer the primary domain of multi-starred chefs. There’s a smattering of comfort food, retro-classics that everyone knows and loves, but with an edgy spin, cutting-edge recipes and international offerings tasted on overseas jaunts cunningly recreated for local palates. This is the food I love – dishes where flavour results from the quickest of preparation time as well as those where the slow melding of ingredients results in subtle layers of flavours as they simmer or roast together: butter and pan juices caramelize unctuously; sauces glisten in every shade of brown. Posh Nosh is designed for all pockets and preferences, and aimed at both novice cooks and more skilled cuisiniers. Fabulous food for family and friends is less about spending hours in the kitchen cooking up a gourmet repast. It’s more about simply opening your door to your friends, uncorking a bottle of wine, and offering the meal you feel like cooking. It’s about the joy of preparing food, a sumptuous celebration of ‘cooking because you want to – not because you have to!’

LANNICE SNYMAN is one of the most highly regarded, versatile and prolific of the contemporary South African writers. She is the author of 14 books, of which some 400 000 copies have been sold, and an award-winning, internationally published journalist. A food writer in the best possible tradition, Lannice remains a student of her craft, with the curiosity essential to staying at the cutting edge. Her work challenges predictability and tracks local and international trends. She has won every award going, including the Galliova Award (best food writer in the country, for which she is now a judge) and the Cape а la Carte Food Heroes Award for ‘monumental culinary contribution to the food and hospitality industry, past and present’. She heads up the judging process of the annual SA Grainfed Beef/Chateau Libertas Steakhouse of the Year Awards, is one of the high-profile judges in the Diners Club Winelist of the Year Awards, and is a regular guest on radio and television, chatting about the food and restaurant scene.

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the posh kitchen
the posh wine cellar
red meat
side dishes

Wicked Bitter Chocolate Loaf
Wicked Bitter Chocolate Loaf
Charred Tuna with Spuds, Tomatoes and Green Beans
Charred Tuna with Spuds, Tomatoes and Green Beans
Caponata on Maize Meal Wedges
Caponata on Maize Meal Wedges
Avocado Ritz with a Twist
Avocado Ritz with a Twist
Aromatic Noodle Stir-Fry with Sesame-Toasted Tofu
Aromatic Noodle Stir-Fry with Sesame-Toasted Tofu

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